About GHA

The Housing Authority of the City of Garfield, New Jersey, is an equal housing opportunity agency that has been providing housing to low to moderate income Families and Seniors since 1949 in attractive and well maintained properties. The Housing Authority owns and manages 456 units of Public Housing. The Housing Authority of the City of Garfield is recognized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a high performing Public Housing Authority. Funding for the Garfield Housing Authority comes from HUD.

All PHA’s that receive a PHAS assessment shall receive a performance designation.  A PHA is designated a high performer when they achieve a score of at least 60 percent of the points available under the financial condition, physical condition, and management operation indicators and at least 50 percent of the points available under the Capital Fund indicator, and achieves an overall PHAS score of 90 percent or greater of the total available points under PHAS.